Hunger Games

(Photo shoot behind-the-scenes) Also find this on instagram
Considering most of you are practitioners of the digital age, it's not anymore conventional that you spend  far too much time on your mobile phone, on instagram to be exact. Or is it just me? Charge me guilty if I admit that I be a seasoned user of the social network (at least as far as I go by my posts since the first time) so I am almost often 'off the grid' propping for my next #igdaily. I mean, let's admit, there is much longer time spent preparing for what to post on IG (or any other social networks) than the time spent for posting itself, right?

Actually, let's not get too net- picky: I've just started to practice what I've learned in my few years in the social media and blogging world. 

Here's to shamelessly unveiling the changes--major changes, in fact-- in this blog soon. Grant this is part of the reason I took a long blogging leave-of-absence lately. Tee hee!

There are many 'interesting' add-ons and minuses in terms of topics and blog contents. And a lot more improvements around the entire website. Yes, please?

Allow me to complete this post by way of making this time's pickings more relevant: the promise of a more professional, specific, and enjoyable blog posts in the coming months and this deep- etched hi- res no filter photo of me playing the 'hunger games'-- which I used with double meaning to signify my "hunger" for positive developments both in my on- and offline life. 

Didn't I use the same word in my latest post? Eek, my gastro desires. [Insert tongue-sticking-out smile emoji here]. 



Hunger Fixes: Vogue x Hermès Kelly

You might think I'm insinuating confusion for attaching the word "hunger" to the title. But no, I'm in fact speaking in terms of my current appetite for high-end staples. Today's fashion plate is serving one of Vogue's previous issues and THE HERMES KELLY. More on the Hermès Kelly. 

But first, insert here my apologies for coming from a cyber-hiatus. When I'm not fixing my blog or running errands, I'm scouring for things I would not hesitate to invest 'in the bones'. On my latest shopping haul is this 30cm calf leather pink Hermès Kelly bag. I know, I know! This five-figure must-have was sold to me at a veeerry good price. Though it wasn't as cheap as you may think. 

It came to me as a pre-owned item. But who cares if it's secondhand, right? An Hermès bag is still an Hermès bag. It was the one and only bag in store which nobody really cared to notice, thankfully. 

Front view
Rear view
It wasn't the bag the shoppers have recognized immediately as compared to, maybe if it was, the Birkin. I blame it to Birkin-wearing celebs and to Sex and the City (for airing a whole episode of trying to get a Birkin in not that I know when). All these 'public' actions have made the Birkin more popular than the Kelly. Although there is nothing quite significant to be said about their difference-- in price, functionality, and utter perfection. So that once I saw the "Hermès, Paris Made in France" blind stamp, my heart skipped a beat. The next thing in my mind was whether it was fake or not. 

Side view
I was reassured, nonchalantly but beyond doubt, with Google as one of the juries. The heavy not-cheap-looking leather, straight and clean stitches, high- quality hardware and carefully embellished blind stamps spelled the hailing word A-U-T-H-E-N-T-I-C in my face. 

I'm aware of the imitation bags which are already made to look like the original, it's hard to determine, nowadays. I'm afraid of committing a rookie mistake of having the best (and real one) left put; my first time with Hermès. For those in the know, with the following photos as my witness, you also be the judge. 

We know that H. bags are sauntered by A- list fashionistas that it becomes the 'symbol of wealth'. It's not that I want to blend in but having to carry it in the future (on special occasions only, mind you) would perhaps afford me an extra special attention, or not. To be asked to try on a Clive Christian is an overstatement. 

Anyone who can tell me if this K 2 A code in my bag means anything?
This bag is crazy like that, it took me days before sharing it publicly. I thought I'd eschew being asked where I'd get it. I've never written anything brag-a-bag post before besides plain style- infused articles and instagram photos. I just thought I'd be Hermès-less all my life, hence the euphoria. 

Inside my Kelly
I may be overly sentimental but owning one feels like experiencing 'Paris when it sizzles'. I owe so much of my appreciation for great style and great fashion icons, like Grace Kelly (to whom the Kelly bag was named after), to one equally great fashion history. 

Shop Hermès here.


Best Travel Find: Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, China

Did you know that the country with the highest population also holds one of the top records in Guinness? The Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge in China is still the World's Longest Bridge. It spans 540, 700 ft. traversing Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou. It is part of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway and is three miles longer than the previous record-holder, the Lake Pontchartrain Bridge in Louisiana. 

Image Credit: taringa.net

It's said to split six major expressway lanes. I only think you would need to fill up your gas tank. It's an odd feeling to be lulled by the long drive and the massive view of the sea only to badly need for a pit stop in the middle. That's highly possible!

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