Best Travel Find: Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, China

Did you know that the country with the highest population also holds one of the top records in Guinness? The Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge in China is still the World's Longest Bridge. It spans 540, 700 ft. traversing Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou. It is part of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway and is three miles longer than the previous record-holder, the Lake Pontchartrain Bridge in Louisiana. 

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It's said to split six major expressway lanes. I only think you would need to fill up your gas tank. It's an odd feeling to be lulled by the long drive and the massive view of the sea only to badly need for a pit stop in the middle. That's highly possible!

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Best Travel Find: Blue Moon Valley, Lijiang, China

We head out to our best travel find this week in Lijiang, in the western tip of Yunnan province in China. I reckon, the most fascinating attractions in the world are those that turn up to be endowed by nature. 

Blue Moon Valley, also called Lanyuegu, is a massive terraces of thawing water from the snow mountain that holds four lakes: the Tingtao, Lanyue, Jingtian, and Yue lake. It appears turquoise blue on a sunny day, and white on damp seasons. From a distance, it has a crescent shape which looks like an inset of blue moon at the bottom of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain-- unabashedly, the reason behind its moniker. 

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It has an unprecedented distinction from the rice terraces in Banaue, Philippines, which is handcrafted by the Ifugaos, one of the Filipino natives. The remarkable thing about the two is that you can appreciate the magnificent ensemble they create from the outskirts of your vision. 

In 2006, a 4,190 meter- long cable was put up, being the longest one in Yunnan province that people can ride to get to the peak to see the valley in an aerial perspective. 

To get there, you can catch private bus number 7 around Lijiang at the Hongtaiyang square near the big water wheels. 

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Top 3 Ways to Conquer Your Fears & Worries

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90 percent of us in the world are diagnosed with what I call "fearonitis" and "hyperworrydosis". And although we have spent much of our lives knowing that we are not the only ones vying with this everyday, we still fall most vulnerable-- on wee hours-- when we're unaccompanied. 

It's a recurring kind of woe. It finds a way to catch us unguarded, when our positive self- image is in short supply. But there are antidotes.  

To begin with the battle, you have to first identify and avoid the factors that contribute to it. Otherwise it will always have a hatchway to jeopardize your life.

1. Take a break from social networks

Seriously, muster the willpower to leave your life on stream for some time. Your Facebook feed is jam-packed with press releases of friends who just got featured in a magazine, or had a two- week long vacation in Tuscany, or landed a job in a nation with a first world status. You may hit the thumbs up button for them but you know that there is still a trace of compare-and-despair trapped inside you. It makes you feel left behind and less appreciative of your own and other people's success. 

If you cannot let a day pass without logging in to your accounts, at least make a time for the non- virtual once or twice a month. Meet your high school friends. Human interaction remains the most important key to generate the right perspectives and evaluate the real situation. It allows you to size up and express things a social network could limit.

A day you spend in front of Facebook may be a day you miss the chance to try a new skill or plan out how to make your life better. 
2. Narrow your focus

You cannot control the way others want to live their lives.Whether you discredit them for their limitations or drown yourself in envy for their strengths, it'll never make you greater of a person. Doing this would rarely earn you millions but would mostly count up the nasty behavior in you. 

Focus on yourself. It's okay to feel a little uptight about the good things you see in other people. Just don't develop hate towards them. Instead, grow up where you are lacking. If you intend to improve on the way you dress up, search on how to properly pull an outfit together. If you want to improve your conversation skills, read some grammar and try out new vocabularies, or watch how great speakers do it. If you're forgetting a skill in your profession, spare a few minutes a day reviewing it.

A little something is still better than nothing.
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Know what your ultimate goal is and take some time to look for opportunities to develop yourself personally and professionally in the areas that can largely help you reach that goal. Never mind if you feel stagnant at work. Don't wait for others to give you the privilege to improve when you can do it for yourself. Attend training or seminars to update your skills. You may not be able to apply it directly and immediately to your job but it adds or refreshes your knowledge. Take baby steps to face your fears and worries. That's the only way to get rid of them.

3. Condition your mind

Our life can be driven by different factors depending on our current situation and beliefs. Often these factors are the ones that create the biggest fears and worries in our life. But these differences also tell us that we cannot view life according to other people's footsteps. For instance, we know that there's an impact when someone does or achieves great things at an early age. But that's his own pace-- according to his capacity and resources.  It's unfair if we also identify the criteria by which to measure our own success in life in conformity with his. Because as we say, we are different. Our capacity and resources will lead us to that success at our own bearing and time. But it doesn't mean we cannot become successful ourselves.

Condition your mind away from the tick tock. It's a huge robber of happiness and determination. Peter Mark Roget finished the famous thesaurus book at age 73. Andrea Bocelli didn't start singing the opera until the age of 34. Albert Einstein was mentally slow. He didn't speak till he was four and didn't read till seven. But he's one of the most famous scientists who won a Nobel prize. Walter Disney was fired for lack of imagination and was rejected 302 times (or so I read). But now he's the legend behind the most successful animation company in the world.

Get the whole picture. Someone else might be dreaming of the way that you are right now. Always find yourself moving forward.

You may hit the rock bottom at many points in your life, but the secret is to never fail to condition your mind to drift back up again and again. 

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